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Roofers in Leeds

Some parts of the roof on the Bingley Arms is as old as the pub itself, but even though it’s made of natural materials, like every other roof in Leeds, it’s prone to wear, either through damage from the weather or just plain old age. The roof, being of natural slate, will last a long time, but at some point we’re going to require the services of a roofer in Leeds, like this company: Specialist Slating & Tiling. It may be because we just need a single slate fitting, or it may be because the whole roof needs to be replaced. Either way, we’ll be looking for an expert roofer in Leeds.

Of course, the choice of roofers in Leeds is quite significant. There are many companies who claim to be experts when it comes to roofing in Leeds, so we won’t struggle to find a quality roofer. The Bingley Arms has no flat roof areas, so we’ll want a specialist who knows and understands pitched roofing. A simple search on Google for ‘roofing Leeds’ should give us plenty of options.

But of course, it’s not just roofing contractors that we needs as a working pub. We also regularly require the services of a plumber and, as you would expect, we need cleaners too.

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