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Domestic cleaners in Leeds, Nottingham and cleaning

Does the housework always seem to get on top of you? With both men and women now being expected to work all day, it's hard to find the time to do all those chores that need to be done – washing the clothes, cleaning and dusting, even taking the rubbish out before the bin starts to overflow!

Here's where the services of a domestic cleaner can come in handy. While you are at work, someone could be doing all your household chores for you. You can come home and the carpets are freshly vacuumed, the clothes washed and ironed, even the little jobs you've been meaning to do for ages (such as dusting those ornaments on the shelf in the downstairs loo) could all be completed by the time you turn your key in the lock at the end of your working day. No more weekends being spent in a panic rummaging through the old cleaning bottles under the sink because the 'place is a mess'! Not only does hiring a cleaner save you time you could spend in far more enjoyable ways, but it helps to reduce the inevitable frustration and stress that comes from working full-time and never being able to get on top of things.

One of our friends is Domestic & Commercial who have helped us with cleaning before.

The beauty about having a cleaner is that you can choose what jobs you want them to do and how often you want them to pop round. You could have a cleaner come over to your house every single day and do the washing, the ironing, collect any dry-cleaning, vacuum up, dust and take out the rubbish. If your home isn't too bad but needs more care than you can manage by yourself, a cleaner could just come in once a week and do a few small, important jobs. That being said, you don't even have to have a regular contract. Several cleaning companies offer one-off cleans, so you can just book them as and when you need them– perfect for after children's parties, before moving house, having family round or even done while you're on holiday so you can relax as soon as you are back home.

One-off cleaners coming to thoroughly clean a home usually charge in the region of £10-£15 an hour and it will usually take more than three hours for them to do their job. Depending on the company (and what you prefer to do), they may provide cleaning supplies or they may use your own, and they'll give the house a much better clean than you would probably be able to manage. While all that is going on, you could be catching up with important work, meeting up with some friends you've always been meaning to catch up with or just spending some quality time by yourself or with your family. If a one-off clean can enable you to get on top of your chores, those few hours with a cleaner could translate to day's worth of precious time for just living life, and what's more important than that?

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