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Cleaners in Leeds

Imagine our pub as a home, but one which has lots and lots of guests each night. They all use the pub as their home, all drinking alcohol and all coming in off the streets without necessarily wiping their feet before they do. It goes without that we need the services of a top quality cleaner to make sure that the pub stays in a welcoming state at all times.

But although there is quite a selection of cleaners, not everyone is able to offer the level of service that we require. We need a commercial cleaner – someone who can work around our business. We need a cleaner who is able to clean both early morning and middle of the day when we’re quietest.

When looking for a cleaner we want someone who comes with good references, someone who is able to clean and tidy all parts of the pub (including the bar area) and someone who is absolutely and utterly reliable. So, as you can see, any old cleaner just won’t do.